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.InstanceUuid≠ .ExtensionData.Client.ServiceContent.About.InstanceUuid

Introduction  connection.InstanceUuid ≠ connection.ExtensionData.Client.ServiceContent.About.InstanceUuid Let's connect to vCenter and check the two: if (! $creds) { $creds = Get-Credential}$connection = Connect-VIServer -Server '<vcenterFQDN>' -Credential $creds$connection.InstanceUuid$connection.ExtensionData.Client.ServiceContent.Abou...

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PowerShell 7.0 GA

​Some great news came overnight. Microsoft has announced the release of PowerShell 7.0.0. After a couple of release candidates we now have 7.0.0! Awesome! But does PowerCLI work? Let's check that out!!! Something to note (from the original article): Which Microsoft products already support PowerShell 7?  Any module that is already support...

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