Last week I decided to buy VMUG Advantage. Apparently, the post was picked up by Jochen Ramm. And as I replied: the onboarding was a smooth experience. But there is more!!!

Today I finally had the time to check out the licenses. You get a link to a portal 'OnTheHub' powered by Kivuto. And after a short registration, you get an excellent overview of all the licenses you can use for your home lab. Check out the full list - even VMware Workstation/Fusion 15 is on there, a significant upgrade from my somewhat older VMware Workstation 12.

So VMware Workstation 15 Pro goes for € 206.21 (with a 25% discount) at this moment. Yes, the license is time-limited for a year, even if you upgrade every time the investment for VMUG Advantage is well worth it!

I also checked out 'TestDrive', which is cool. It's like HOL (VMware Hand-On Labs: on steroids, and while browsing through the catalog, connecting and opening the vCenter WebClient my first reaction was: HOW? The speed and amount of resources available - it's fantastic. I'm going to have a great time with this.

Check out this link for more info about TestDrive: