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vEXPERT 2020 in the pocket!

Last year I wrote this article: https://www.jume.nl/blogging-again - Blogging again

My main frustration was seeing all those Twitter and Blog posts where a lot of people were receiving the vEXPERT award. So I started blogging again, sharing knowledge on forums and tried to be the go-to guy in my customer organization. And I applied (which is new for me, 'in the old days' you got rewarded without applying - things change, so I changed.

So yeah, it's not my first time being a vEXPERT, but I'm really happy to be on the program again, which should come with some benefits. Looking forward to checking those out. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more blog posts. I'm currently writing a big one and some small ones - I'm pleased to say I'm on the right track! Thank you, VMware for awarding me. Thank you readers for reading, liking and sharing! Onto a great year!

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