So yesterday we left off after changing the power setting in the BIOS. Now after a day, I've got results, and they are promising!!! Let's start with some CPU metric comparison.

CPU Metrics Before
CPU Metric After

​Check the big difference in CPU|Contention (%)! It's virtually 0! Also the CPU|Ready (%) is lower (from a peak of 0,34% to a peak of 0,086%). It's also worth to mention the issues are resolved for the customer. No more latency reported by SCOM.

This is great, however, it does have an impact on the power usage of the host. Check the screenshots I took from ILO below.

Power Consumption Before
Power Consumption After

The difference is hard to see, however, when you look at the average of both days, there is 54 Watts increase! That is about 32% higher than before - quite significant. So although the performance is a lot higher, you'll also pay for the increase in power usage and extra cooling!!!