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Some short PowerShell tips #3

Tip 4: 

​We left off with tip 3, using group-object. This tip is about the PowerShell version. Did you know every version of PowerShell gets lots of performance optimizations? So my tip for now: try out different PowerShell versions! At the time of writing, PowerShell 5.1 Desktop is installed on Windows 10, and the latest stable is 6.2.3 Core. And last week release candidate 2 for PowerShell 7.0.0 Core is released. The nice thing is you can run them side by side on your system! Grab them from here: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell.

Besides all the new cmdlets, you also get some great performance improvements. Taking the script from tip 3 we can make our scripts run even faster!!! Your results can vary of course, but mine was very promising:

​ PSVersion ​ If ​ Where ​ Group ​ AdvGroup
​ Desktop 5.1.17134.858 ​ 835.3 ​ 6,885.3 ​ 318.6 ​ 140.0
​ Core 6.2.3 ​ 909.6 ​ 336.9 ​ 184.6 ​ 136.7
​ Core 7.0.0-rc.1 ​ 909.6 ​ 290.8 ​ 160.6 ​ 106.2

 So yeah, try out different versions of PowerShell! And to see which version you use, check the $PSVersionTable variable.

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