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Passed: 2V0-21.19 Professional VMware vSphere 6.7 - my exam from home experience

​It was about time do run a new VCP exam. Even though the status doesn't expire anymore, I planned it for this year anyway. So after some study and hands-on, I just gave it a go. I used the 20% discount attached to the VMUG Advantage (which actually worked pretty well, saved me about 40 euro's). These days (due to Corona COVID-19) you can now do the exam from home!

This gives quite some benefits:

  • schedule the test and do the test on the same day (if there is room, which is almost always the case)!
  • no travel time to and from the exam center
  • using your own screen, keyboard, mouse (and silent PC)

You do require to have a webcam pointing at you at all times which is flashing recording! Upfront you do get contacted by someone who scans your room for papers/books, phone, other laptops, other cameras. Also, the software detects other open programs and/or recording programs (I was using Razor Optimizer for gaming, and I needed to shut it down). So there is no way to cheat or 'steal' the content - which is a good thing of course.

Overall, it doesn't remove the stress (which I always have), but comes with great advantages. I certainly enjoyed it and would like to do all my exams this way.

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Sunday, 24 September 2023