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Troubleshooting disk latency

I was asked to troubleshoot a VM. SCOM was reporting the following message: "Logical disk transfer (reads and writes) latency is too high - The threshold for the Logical Disk\Avg.". Also, jobs (this is a SQL server) took longer to run (almost twice a long). Now, this seems like an issue with disk I/O: the path to storage endpoint (SAN), i...

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Blogging again

That's it! I'm starting blogging again. The reason? ​That's easy - yet another year has passed by without blogging. Triggered by all those great messages from the community on Linked In, Twitter and various websites tagged: #vExpert. Don't get me wrong and I must admit: I was a bit jealous and angry. Angry to myself! What happened?​ ​Call it lazy, ...

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